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Many thanks to Kalporz and Oca Nera Rock for appreciating my contribution to their live music reports, to my wife and family for their endless patience and to my Music Selectors friends for the great time spent together listening to good music
Gear and post production technique
I shoot Nikon (D750 + D7500) and sometimes Fuji (X100S), always in raw format. I make postproduction initially in Lightroom and after, in most cases, in Photoshop, where I complete local regulations (with luminosity masks) and sometimes apply NIK color Efex filters (mainly Darken-lighten  center and Pro contrast). 

In landscape photography I use neutral density graduated filters to try to manage the wide dynamic range of sunrises and sunsets only with one shot, whenever possible. No blending, except in really difficult situations. I use a Heliopan polarizer too, in some cases.
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